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Photo Gallery

Below you will find pictures of some of the key places referred to in The Double Eagle


J Edgar Hoover Building - FBI Headquarters - Washington DC

National Museum of American History (incl. National Numismatic Collection) - Washington DC

Fort Knox Bullion Depository - Kentucky

Paris - France

Statue of Libery - Allée des Cygnes
Eiffel Tower and Pont de Grenelle in the background

Place des Vosges (formerly Place Royale) - Le Marais

Les Invalides

Royal entrance to Eglise St Louis at Les Invalides
(soldiers' entrance was from the other side)

Napoleon's tomb under the Eglise St Louis's golden dome

Amsterdam - Holland

Canal and distinctive buildings

Centraal Station

Window in De Wallen

Istanbul - Turkey

Ilesam Lokali tea garden

Water Cistern

Blue Mosque

Hagia Sofia